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About Company

AS Autocares is one of the biggest companies in industry to have designed and marketed a GPS tracking system. Our GPS tracking helps your company.We know the importance of being price competitive without foregoing quality. We’ve realized early on that the only way to truly leverage manufacturing is to design and develop electronic products here using cost effective components. But not every company has a core competence in electronic design or manufacturing and this is where we excel. Companies entrust their complete development project to us, leaving us free to focus on what we do best: coming up with innovative new products and introducing them with you.


Be the best Choice For Asset Security Solution.


Committed to the Customer-centric and innovative in asset Security Solution.

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We have own more than five awards  for our disciplined services.

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We are what just because of our top trending products. 

Vehicle Tracking
Shutter Security System
Door Security System
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What We Do !

  • Save time and money with automated GPS location alerts.
  • Track all of your vehicles in one place.
  • Compile reports which show vehicle activity and location mapping with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Eliminate guesswork with their unique ‘Fleet View’ design.
  • Stay up-to-date by watching your vehicles move across the map in real time.
  • Communicate ETAs to customers and other dispatchers.
  • Realize when vehicles have entered and exited geofenced areas with specific alarms.

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What we do ?

We provide High Security Device Solutions